Workshop: "Reptile Theory" and the Mongoose Method Resources



Trucking companies today face an existential threat from abusive lawsuits. Trial lawyers have weaponized the courts. Their target is business and their tactic has a hypnotic effect on jurors. Trial attorneys have abandoned justice in favor of a guaranteed pay day from insured businesses. Small accidents reap settlements far out of proportion to actual damages. Meanwhile, the specter of a truly catastrophic loss – loss of life or limb – haunts us. Will it be the next nuclear verdict?

Predictably, insurance companies respond with ever-higher rates. We’ve reached the point where some of our smaller carriers simply can’t afford it. Larger carriers are forced to assume greater risk. Accidents do happen, even in an industry spending more than $10 billion annually on safety. But risk management is a meaningless phrase in the face of a justice system so distorted, it no longer delivers justice. A favorite tool of the trade for trial lawyers is the so-called “Reptile Theory.” It manipulates jurors’ instinctive and emotional responses. They’ve honed the technique to a fine art, and they’ve got a dramatic success record. Success for them is a defeat for real justice.


Introducing the Mongoose Method

It takes a fierce and agile creature to defend against a deadly reptile.

The Mongoose Method is conceived to restore balance to our justice system. The goal is to beef up the arsenal of our defense bar; train our members to proactively recognize and avoid traps; educate employees and the greater business community that depend so heavily on our services. Among other things, Mongoose Method will sharpen awareness to Reptile Theory tactics in depositions and trials. It will make us less vulnerable during litigation and allow us to go on the offensive. Information is power. The plaintiff’s bar has made themselves even more successful by sharing resources. They produce practical seminars, strategic coaching, and share and teach demonstrated techniques to damage defense witnesses. Always striving for the biggest award possible, they provide direct consultation on cases with large judgment potential.