HAZMAT Compliance Materials

The LMTA Foundation partnered with Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration and Compass Compliance Management to provide attendees with an overview of complying with safety regulations. The topics covered included Hazardous Material Regulations and Managing Hazardous Materials. Below are the materials presented by our guest speakers to be accessed at any time.

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Post Webinar Q/A

Q:When hazardous materials are being transported by highway, do electronic shipping papers comply with the requirements of the HMR?

A:No. In accordance with 49 CFR 177.817(e), during highway transportation a shipping paper must bein hard copy form. Furthermore, a driver of a motor vehicle containing hazardous material and each carrier using such a vehicle, shall ensure that the shipping paper is readily available to, and recognizable by, authorities in the event of an accident or investigation. Note: While a physical paper is required to be in the vehicle, the HMR do not prohibit having and transmitting an additional electronic shipping paper throughout the transport chain to support efficiencies and/or social distancing.

Q: Can a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) be used in place of an Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)?

A: Section 172.602(a)(1) requires that the emergency response information to contain the basic description and technical name of the hazardous material as required by §§ 172.202 and172.203(k).   Section 172.602(b)(3) requires that the emergency response information is presented (i) on a shipping paper; (ii) in a document, other than a shipping paper, that includes both the basic description and technical name of the hazardous material (e.g. material safety data sheet); or(iii) related to the information on a shipping paper, in a separate document(e.g., an emergency response guidance document such as the ERG), in a manner that cross references the description of the hazardous material on the shipping paper with the emergency response information contained in the document.  If a guide number page from the ERG is used, it must include the basic description and, if applicable, the technical name of the hazardous material.  However, if the entire ERG is present on the transport vehicle, the requirements of § 172.602 are satisfied.  

Q: You ask whether display of emergency response information through the ERG mobile app on an electronic device (e.g., smartphone or tablet) meets the requirements of the HMR.

A: The answer is no. The information used to meet the requirements of Part 172, Subpart G (172.600-172.606) must bein the form of a physical document printed legibly in English (see 172.602(b)).Electronic display of emergency response information, whether through the ERG app or other means, does not meet the HMR's requirements.

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